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Welcome to 2016 and Kindergarten Teachers of Texas.  The world welcomes 2016, but we, as educators, welcomed a new year last fall.  We will celebrate our learners success as the school year ends and get ready to welcome another new year in August.  Whew!  That is a lot in one year!

What an exciting time to be an educator.  This year in Kindergarten Teachers of Texas, we commit to provide you with quality learning opportunities, connections to job alike colleagues, and explore how we might create a brighter future for all learners.

In December, 2015, KnowledgeWorks’ published Future of Learning: Education in the Era of Partners in Code.  The publication suggests possibilities of what learning could look like in ten years.

Some of the take-aways for me were the What If . . .  scenarios and some of the signals of change that are developing in each arena.

  • What if. . . Every child had a “learning pit crew” of caring adults, peers, and personal machine/digital partners that responded to immediate needs while optimizing for long-term success?
  • What if. . . All educator preparation programs included training in game design, neuroscience, and emotion science so as to provide a broad design palette for creating compelling learning environments?
  • What if . . . Individuals and student teams earned personal impact scores for working to address real-world problems?
  • What if . . . Contribution portfolios demonstrating evidence of learners’ development and passions were used as the primary assessment of learning?
  • What if . . .  A universal student record made it possible for comprehensive student data to follow each learning throughout the education lifecycle?

Read more about this and the signals of change: http://www.knowledgeworks.org/sites/default/files/forecast-4-future-learning-education-partners-code.pdf

AND, join KToT for a year full of imagining future possibilities for our youngest learners!                       


                                                                                    Dianne Patterson
                                                                                    2016 President, Kindergarten Teachers of Texas

 P.S.  It’s coming!   2016 Conference date and location in the DFW area . . .


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